Golf Instruction


Instruction Available November to March

Unfortunately our Instructions are the real deal and during golf season they return to their home course.    Sonny and Vij are available for lessons all summer at Harbor Links.  Once Harbor Links has closed you can continue your training with them here at Wharf Sports all winter.  RAINY DAYS AND WEEKENDS THEY MAY BE AVAILABLE OR YOU CAN BRING YOUR FAVORITE PRO HERE TO PLAY WHEN YOU CAN'T PLAY OUTDOORS.  Call for more information.

Enjoy a Golf Lesson in Private

Relax and enjoy a private golf lesson in the quite and privacy of our golf simulators.  A great no pressure environment for you to learn to play or work on your game.

Lessons for Kids

Lessons for Kids weekdays and weekends.  Your children can learn to play golf or improve their game during convenient hours after school or whenever is most convenient for you and them.

Local Golf Instructors

We only work with Pros from the Port Washington and Manhasset area.  No only does it help support our local businesses but it also allows you to continue your instruction during the summer months without having to drive all over the Island.  The Pros come from your favorite courses in our area.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: When are lessons available?

A: Lessons are available by appointment 7 days a week November to March.  During golf season our Instructors return to the outdoors.

Q: Do I need my own clubs?

A: No we have quality clubs for you  to use.  Use of clubs is included.

Q: Do I need golf spikes?

A: No, we actually prefer you don't wear spikes in our simulators. Athletic shoes are just fine.

Q: I would like to come right from work for a lesson.  Is there a place to change?

A: We have a spacious and clean  restroom for you to change in and closet to store your bag in.

Q: What if I would like to take a lesson before work?

A:  Early sessions and Lessons can be made by appointment.  We are happy to work with your schedule when we can.  You can bring your work clothes and change here so you are fresh and ready to head to work.

Q: Can I get there by train?

A: Yes.  The LIRR Port Washington line is a 10 min walk or very short cab ride away.  Delux Transport is located next to the train station.  

Golf Instructors

Sonny DeFeo



  • 8yrs Teaching Professional
  • US Kids Golf Certified Instructor  
  • Future's Club Golf Instructor      
  • Honorable Mention for 2014 & '15 U.S Kids Golf Top 50 Teachers 
  • Callaway Golf Staff Player.

Personal Teaching Philosophy:  

There are two key words that I will continue to use, “Trust” and “Patience”.  You must always TRUST what you are doing to accomplish a desired result.  There cannot be any doubt or lack of confidence as to what type of shot you want to pull off.  To understand this point you must have a tremendous amount of PATIENCE.  We all want to improve, but we must allow for some bumps along the way.  If a person is going through a swing change they must accept the fact it will not happen overnight.  But through PATIENCE and TRUST a player can improve significantly if hard work is put in.

Sonny also is a classic comic collector.

Anurag Vij



  • Raised in Port Washington.
  • Graduated Penn State University.
  • PGA Professional Golf Management Program (Current Student)
  • Executive Course Manager at Harbor Links.
  • Instructor Junior and Adult Golfers.

Personal Teaching Philosophy:

When Michelangelo completed the statue of David, he was asked, “How did you create this beautiful masterpiece?”

He replied, “The sculpture is already complete within the marble block, before I start my work. It is already there, I just have to chisel away the superfluous material.”

My teaching philosophy is similar, every time I see a student in front of me, I look for their natural swing and chip away at their bad habits. That is what I believe in and that is what I know helps the student get better and enjoy the game.